Dual Bean High Resolution Scanning Microscope - AURIGA - Zeiss

Marco Aurélio Rodrigues da Fonseca Passos, Jorge José de Carvalho, José Horácio Costa Aboudib Jr., Ricardo Guimarães Fisher e João Ramos Costa Andrade.

Eduardo Lopes Torres, Carla Braga Mano Gallo, Bianca Martins Gregório, Ana Carolina Stumbo Machado e Diogo Benchimol de Souza.

Location: Urogenital Research Unit - Department of Anatomy - Roberto Alcantara Gomes Biology Institute - UERJ
Av. 28 de setembro 87, fundos - Centro Biomédico - FCM - Térreo
Vila Isabel – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Phone number: 00 55 21 2868-8021

Prof. Marco Aurélio Rodrigues da Fonseca Passos
e-mail: marcopassos@globo.com

 Equipment specifications: :
High resolution scanning electron microscope with field-emission gun and focused ion beam (FIB-SEM, suitable for high-resolution analysis)

FIB-SEM Technology
• Maximizes sample quality using the low voltage features of the FIB column 

Better results after thinning 

Accurate and reproducible results with maximum stability 

High productivity with beam currents up to 100 nA 

Exceptional resolution of FIB with less than 3 nm 

Purchase of Equipment: :
FAPERJ E_02/2013 Notice; Support for the acquisition of major equipment; E-26/110.043/2013. Project named "Implementation of the Field-emission and double-beam scanning electron microscopy laboratory in the biomedical field". Price R$ 1,500,000.00 .


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Relevant remarks: 

The files generated will be the responsibility of the user: users must take their CD. 

The microscope is not connected to the Internet 

Pen drives are not allowed. 

Each session will last 3 hours max. 

Only the responsible technician will operate the equipment. 

There will be morning (9 am to 12 pm) or afternoon (2 pm to 5 pm) shifts. 

No-show and delays longer than 15 min must be notified in advance. 

For better service, we stipulate a maximum of 9 hours per user per week. 

The scheduling of sessions will be cataloged by user, programming one appointment at a time. The next appointment can only be scheduled after use. 

Sessions must be accompanied by the user. It is not the technician's responsibility to know the sample or to interpret the results.