Objectives / Professional profile to be formed:

The Graduate Program in Physiopathology and Surgical Sciences (PG-FISIOCIRURGIA) is characterized by promoting an interaction between basic and applied research. It aims to train Masterís and Doctorate students in the light of recent advances in physiopathology and surgery, opening up possibilities for the creation and use of new techniques and approaches in this area.

The purpose of PG-FISIOCIRURGIA is to prepare highly qualified academic personnel for higher education and scientific production, especially applied to surgical practice and physiopathological understanding.

The Program has no similar in UERJ or in Rio de Janeiro. In the surgical area, at UERJ, there is only the Graduate Program of Urology, which has only the Master's level. On the other hand, there is an intense demand for training in physiopathology and surgery, and the interested students, for not finding this type of program, end up entering the graduate program of morphology, graduate program of nuclear biosciences and graduate program of medical sciences.

Total of credits for Courses: 20.0

Dissertation/Thesis: 3.0

Other: 1.0 Selection

Frequency: Semiannual

Vacancies per Selection: 10 List of key focus areas